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Dragon Audit 40% 40% 1,163 13,639 7 Browse
Language code ca
Text direction Left to right
Plural: Default plural 7 translations
Number of plurals 2
Plural type One/other (classic plural)
Plurals Singular 1
Plural 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Plural formula n != 1

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Dragon Audit / In-Game Story TextCatalan

Committed changes 6 months ago
So I guess I need to find some matches, that are probably hidden somewhere in the castle for no reason behind a locked door with a puzzle on it?
Imagino que haig de trobar uns llumins que segurament estan amagats en algun lloc al castell sense cap motiu i darrere d'una porta tancada amb un puzzle sobre d'ella?
6 months ago
Yeah! Now you're talking!
Sí! Ara t'escolto!
6 months ago
Let's turn it on and melt stuff!
Encenguem-ho i fonguemposem-nos a fondre coses!
6 months ago
Let's turn it on and melt stuff!
Encenem-ho i fonguem coses!
6 months ago
Then I'm making a salad bowl.
Si és així, faré un bol per a amanides.
6 months ago
Unless you try to murder me like the other knights did.
Tret que intentis matar-me com els altres cavallers.
6 months ago
Uh, heh. Not that I'd ever do that to <i>you</i>.
Oh, hehe. Però a <i>tu</i> no t'ho faria mai.
6 months ago
6 months ago
I have tons of it -- there's no shortage of foolish knights in shining armor. Now I have shining silverware, furniture, jewelry...
En tinc tones: hi ha un excés de cavallers ximples enfundats en armadures brillants. Ara tinc una coberteria de plata, mobles, joies...
6 months ago
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