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Error - could not communicate with server to setup game (retries exceeded).


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Error downloading setup data from server.


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This page contains some general troubleshooting advice for Steam <-> Game communication. Perhaps you have a firewall blocking communication with Steam or with our server. Alternatively, Steam API could be temporarily down.

Connection error troubleshooting tips:

1) Try to access in a web browser to ensure you can connect.
2) Temporarily disable any Windows Safety Filter, firewall and antivirus and restart this program. This includes Windows Firewall and Defender.
3) Try again in a few minutes, there may be a temporary problem.

When requesting help for this in forums or via support, please include the specific error you receive on the other screen (screenshot or log file OK)

Additionally, read below for some general Steam troubleshooting tips that may come in handy, too.
此页面包含一些针对 Steam <-> 游戏通信的一般故障排除建议。 也许您的防火墙阻止了与 Steam 或我们的服务器的通信。 或者,Steam API 可能暂时不可用。


1) 尝试在网络浏览器中访问 以确保可以连接。
2) 暂时禁用任何 Windows 安全过滤器、防火墙和防病毒软件并重新启动该程序。 这包括 Windows 防火墙和 Defender。
3) 过几分钟再试,可能是暂时性的问题。


此外,请阅读下面的一些常规 Steam 故障排除提示,这些提示也可能派上用场。
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<b>- Is Steam running?</b>
- Did you launch the game via Steam?
- Do you own the game via Steam? (The game must show up in your Steam library.)
- Are you logged into the Steam account that owns the game?
- Is the game running under the same user context as the Steam client is running (ie, didn't launch one in user mode and one in admin mode)?
- Try disabling all antivirus software, maybe they are blocking Steam DLL
- Try a reboot, sometimes fixes this
- There may be more tips in the FAQ at

If these fail, you can run the game in non-Steam mode by renaming the file Assets\StreamingAssets\steam.txt to something else. All Steam features will be disabled if you do this. Since the game won't be able to use steam DRM, you may or may not need a license key -- if so, you can request one via support (link on our FAQ page at Also in non-Steam mode, the game will not report achievement progress to Steam -- a built in achievement tracker will be used instead.
<b>- Steam是否在运行?</b>
- 您是通过Steam启动的游戏吗?
- 您在Steam中拥有这款游戏吗?(这款游戏必须要在您的Steam库中)
- 您登录了拥有这款游戏的Steam帐号吗?
- 这款游戏是否和Steam客户端处于同一个用户上下文?(例如,是否一个程序以普通用户运行,另一个程序用管理员权限运行?)
- 请尝试禁用所有的杀毒软件,它们可能会阻止Steam DLL。
- 请尝试重启,有时候这会解决问题。
- 在DragonAudit.com的FAQ页面会有更多的提示。

如果这些都无效,你可以通过把文件 Assets\StreamingAssets\steam.txt 重命名成其他名称来进入非Steam模式。在这个模式下所有的Steam功能都会被禁用。因为游戏无法使用Steam DRM,你可能会也可能不会需要一个注册码。——如果需要的话,你可以通过客户支持来申请一个(客户支持连接请参阅DragonAudit.com的FAQ页面)。同时,在非Steam模式下,游戏不会向Steam报告成就——取而代之的是一个内置的成就记录机制会被使用。
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