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Filemask*/LC_MESSAGES/Launch Trailer.ass
Monolingual base language fileTEMPLATES/Launch Trailer.ass
Translation file zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/Launch Trailer.ass
Committed changes 3 years ago
{\an2\pos(1900,850)\fs240}A new story written & directed by
Robby Zinchak
{\an2\pos(1900,850)\fs240}Robby Zinchak编剧和导演的
3 years ago
{\an4\pos(200,1400)}I know what it's like to be alone.
3 years ago
{\an4\pos(2056,620)}Fuel Drum
3 years ago
{\an8\pos(2000,360)}Q3 2020 Summary Account of Items Inside my Pants
3 years ago
{\an4\pos(200,1500)}> [Where is the gold?]
\h\h\h[Your breath is minty fresh]
{\an4\pos(200,1500)}> [黄金在哪里?]
3 years ago
{\an4\pos(200,1500)}\h\h\h[Where is the gold?]
> [Your breath is minty fresh]
> [你的气息清新宜人]
3 years ago
(Did he say, {\b1}a, uh, date{\b0}?!)
3 years ago
{\an4\pos(2056,620)}Combine Item
3 years ago
Monsters Outside
3 years ago
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