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Filemask*/LC_MESSAGES/Dragon Audit In-Game Story Text.po
Number of strings 32,516
Number of words 300,124
Number of characters 1,622,610
Number of languages 22
Number of source strings 1,478
Number of source words 13,642
Number of source characters 73,755
Committed changes 5 months ago
Yes, I am streaming/recording now.
5 months ago
Rollover minutes are when the mirror falls off the wall and it rolls down the hallway. Due to the islandquakes, that happens a lot.
5 months ago
It's got high definition glass, three way video conferencing, and 500 rollover minutes.
5 months ago
Are you currently streaming or recording this game? (Please answer honestly)
5 months ago
Please pardon the interruption, but I have a quick question for you...
5 months ago
Usual magic mirror stuff, mainly talking to other people with magic mirrors.
5 months ago
Sorry... it's kind of a sore subject...
5 months ago
5 months ago
It's an extremely powerful, poorly understood force and the mages who practice it are deceitful backstabbers.
5 months ago
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