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Filemask*/LC_MESSAGES/Dragon Audit In-Game Story Text.po
Number of strings 32,516
Number of words 300,124
Number of characters 1,622,610
Number of languages 22
Number of source strings 1,478
Number of source words 13,642
Number of source characters 73,755
Committed changes a year ago
A lot! I love romance books, but I also enjoy lots of other fiction and non-fiction, too.
a year ago
(Did he say <b><color=white>a, uh, date</color></b>?! Wow, things are moving so quickly! I thought our romance would slowly blossom over time as we get into a series of increasingly improbable escapades.)
a year ago
Don't worry. You're about to be rescued by a K.N.I.G.H.T.!
别担心。马上就会有一位 K.N.I.G.H.T. 来解救你!
a year ago
Really!? I've always wanted to be rescued!
a year ago
Really!? I've always wanted to be rescued!
a year ago
I'll just take off the sheet...
a year ago
Don't look at that!
a year ago
Vinny? I thought he only sold Name Brand Toner.
a year ago
Not me.
a year ago
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